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Hundreds of the toughest street cars cruising Darwin's Hidden Valley Raceway's V8 Supercar Racetrack. More than 12 hours of cruising time will be available on the track from Saturday morning through to Sunday afternoon. There will be plenty of time to go out and toast each other and every other4- cylinder, 6-cylinder, rotary, V8, supercharged, big blocked, gassed up, turbo charged street car that anyone comes along with.

No Stopping, No Burnouts, No Donuts, No Drifting, & No Cutting In or Out of Traffic, remember this is not a race. If your car starts to over heat or fail pull to the side of the track, but DO NOT get out of your vehicle. A recovery vehicle will be around to assist you. The cruise session is to be enjoyed by all the participants. So cruise your car with your mates alongside the toughest streetcars, just like the good old days. Do short Powerskids, about 30 meters or so. But remember the person behind you won't be able to see if you leave too much smoke behind you. Race anyone you like for as long as you safely can between the chicanes.

The Powerskid comp is all about showing off your vehicles horsepower and your ability to use the power to toast the bags off the car for the longest distance while only using the brake pedal to keep the car under some sort of control. The judges will choose the most awesome display of raw horsepower, driver talent, engine revs, quantity and length of smoke as the Powerskid winner.

Generally a favourite of the high tech imports, the drifting comp at Powercruise lends a different fl avour where good old Aussie and American Muscle cars and Hot Rods will be able to fl ex their muscle alongside the smaller imports and show us their style. While it may look easy, it's got a lot to do with the equipment you're driving and knowing what your car is capable of doing that will bring out a few closet drifters. We're even bringing one of Australia's best drifters so check him out!!

The Off Street Racing competition is a great way to settle some scores with some mates and at the same time take on some of the higher horsepower cars in a Pro Street style competition. No warming of the tyres, No slicks, No Christmas trees. Just straight up run what ya brung and hope ya brung enough is the order of the day.

The Burnouts Comp is without doubt the most heavily fought comp of the weekend. We have brought a few big hitters from the south so the locals can have a chop at them in the Saturday Night one shot only Burnout Comp from hell. From what I've seen, the out of town'ers might be in for a surprise with some stiff competition that's for sure.

If watching the big numbers being punched out on the little screen is for you, then you dont wanna miss this event. From high PSI Turbos, nitrous fed monstors and just plain crazy engines, there's sure to be something that lights your fire in this competition. The rules are simple, THERE ARE NO RULES...... Unlimited boost, multiple nitrous systems and no fuel restrictions.

The dyno shootout is free in Darwin. Dyno entrant forms are to be filled out before the car drives into the dyno enclosure. Street tyres only are to be fitted to the vehicle.

The highest horsepower from each ss over the weekend will be the winner. There are no finals so make sure you run the big numbers straight up.

The Show and Shine is always and integral part of Powercruise and so we have now added a Ute Muster to the program on the Saturday and an all comers Show and Shine on the Sunday. Seeing how Powercruise is more of a drivers event we have decided to let the top 5 in the Ute Muster winners cruise the track on Saturday afternoon for their efforts. There will now be something for everyone's tastes and remember the Ute Muster and Show and Shine only cars on the Sunday don't get to drive on the track. To cruise the track you must be a full entrant of the event.

Calling all serious contenders. If you have what it takes to rip it with the world’s best, then make sure you’re at the starting line up for the Powercruise World Record Powerskid Competition. The rules are available by calling us on 0407 172 415 or e-mailing us at info@powercruise.com

The hour of power is like no other. The toughest hand picked big hitters from the event cruise for a solid half hour.  Yes, the Hour of Power is only 30 minutes long...did you really think these guys could cruise for a whole hour?  The best of the best will find a HP sticker on their windscreen if they have been selected, so keep an eye out for that.

Wanna see all the best Darwin has to offer in the pretty lady stakes? Check out the main stage Saturday arvo for all the action.

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