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All your questions can be answered on relevant sections of the website. Below are some quick reference questions in case you missed the info within the website. Keep in mind you can always call a Powercruise staff member on 0407172413 anytime including anytime over the weekend of an event if you have any questions or problems with other patrons.

Q. Where can I get an entry form?

A. www.powercruise.com. You will find the printable form on our website on the relevant state’s entrants page.

 Q. My car isn't registered, can I still enter?

A.  Only registered vehicles are permitted to enter Powercruise however in some circumstances we do allow unregistered vehicles by prior arrangement. If you wish to bring an unregistered car, you will need to send us an e-mail at info@powercruise.com with a few clear pictures of the car and a full description of the car and why it's not registered along with your driving history.

Q. I don't have a license, can I still enter?

A.  All entrants will have to produce their current Provisional or Open Drivers licenses’ at accreditation. All entrants must be 18 years of age. We do not accept Learners Permits. No license, no entry.

Q. I've paid, where is my receipt?

A.  Prepaid entrants will receive a confirmation e-mail depending on what information they supplied on their entry form. This will simply tell you that we have received your entry form and payment. Then around 2 weeks before the event entrants will receive their entrant pack via email.

Q. I have paid my entrant fee, can I use the camping area?

A. Entrants camping is not included in the entry fee, if you wish to camp you will need to pay the entrant's camping fee on the entry form.

Q. I paid to be a spectator, now I want to join in. Can I still enter?

A. Yes you can upgrade to be an entrant on the day. Simply go to the accreditation office.

Q. Do I need to wear a seatbelt while I'm on the track?

A. Yes. Seat belts must be worn at all times by drivers and passengers while the vehicle is on the track.

Q. I like to keep my vehicle clean, will there be anywhere to wash it?

A. Water is available at the raceway, however we are in a drought so please abide by all water restrictions.

Q. I'm not sure if my car will be ready, what if I pay to enter and it's not ready?

A. If you are not sure if your car will be ready for the event, you can still enter the event at the cheaper rate and if you don't make the event, you can receive your money back less an admin fee if you cancel before the date specified on your entry form. Or you can exchange for a spectator pass for the weekend if you don't bring your vehicle.

Q. How do the organisers know if I've paid?

A. You will be given an armband to indicate if you are an Entrant, Spectator or Camper. Do not take off this armband or you will be required to pay again.

Q. Not sure if I want to stay all weekend as a spectator, can I just pay for one day?

A. Yes, spectator day passes are available at the main entry gate.

Q. Can I bring a few stubbies with me for the weekend?

A. NO. Alcohol is not permitted to be brought into the venue. Security will be searching cars and any found will be confiscated.

Q. Will there be any public amenities available?

A. There are showers and toilets at the track.

Q. I don't want to carry cash around with me, is eftpos available?

A. Eftpos is not available at the spectator entry gates, Eftpos will be available from the Powercruise trade stand with a minimum purchase.

Q. I just want to come and watch, can I pre pay?

A. Yes. Season & Season + Camper passes can be purchased here at www.powercruise.com in the spectators page before the event or you can purchase your passes at the gate on the day.

Q. My mate said I can go in his car with him on the track, can I?

A. Yes you can go with your mate in his car only in the cruise sessions, no passengers in the driving events. All passengers must sign the passenger indemnity forms which are available at the Powercruise merchandise stand before going in cruise.

Q. How much does it cost for camping?

A. All prices are on the spectator section of this website.

Q. Is there anything I should be aware of if I intend to camp?

A. Yes. Camper's cars are not allowed to move unless you are leaving the venue. Campsites are not booked, first in best dressed is how it works. Entrants and spectators can camp together. Camping is only in the designated areas marked on the event map. No open fires please.

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