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Powercruise is a media frenzy come event time. Everyone wants to come along and take photos for everyone from major publications to website blurbs down to selling images online to make a buck and amatuer photographers.

We are no longer taking applications to gain media accreditation to Powercruise as this process is now by invite only.  We have had too many inexperienced people putting themselves in dangerous positions taking unnessary risks which we can't allow so this is why we have made this decision.

Media groups, organisations and individuals are still permitted to pay to enter the event as spectators or entrants and take pictures from the general spectator areas safely behind concrete walls or inside cars on track and this wont hinder any quality of shot that you might have got from being two meters closer to the action.

All major and frequent Powercruise media sources are invited to contact us to confirm their status with us at info@powercruise.com for an immediate response. 

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