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Darren Morgan 

Owner/driver Darren Morgan has been the head of Darren Morgan Racing for some six years, although his history with the sport extends much further than that by his own admission.

Crewing for Australian drag racing royalty Graeme Cowin in the 1990’s, Darren got a taste for Top Fuel Drag Racing and moved in to a more senior role with the Lamattina Top Fuel team in 2004. He successfully juggled various responsibilities including driving, pedalling his way to a win in 2005.

Darren Morgan Racing was started in 2007 with financial backing from Rocket Industries and a collection of small businesses, and in 2011 Darren collected his second series win, this time in his own car, with the support of his own 20-man team. He backed this up with the same title in 2012.

Darren Morgan Racing also field a Junior Dragster which Darren’s three children have all driven, while Darren’s wife Natalie manages the logistics, merchandise and catering sides of the operation.

At the time of writing, Darren Morgan Racing held a competitive lead over the rest of the field in the ANDRA Top Fuel Championship, and was looking to snatch the Series for the third year running. 



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