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Two Seater Top Fuel Dragster Experience

"The Fastest Two Seater Passenger Ride in the WORLD"



We have not started taking rides as yet due tot he extreme costs involved, we would need to have 4 people ride at $11000 each in one day to cover costs and the insurwer won't allow it to run with a passenger past the 330ft mark so not even allowed to run it to 1/8th Mile.

So due to this issue, we have not advertised it or gone ahead with it as we just don't think that $11000 for 1.2 seconds is worth the money... although it would still be an awesome ride producing 5g's of acceleration of course, but just too much money to ask for too little a ride as I'm you could agree.

Of course if you are like me and just need to have a go, then if 4 people want the same deal as above then I'm sure I can make it happen just shoot us an email.





After much anticipation, Australia’s first "Two Seater" Top Fuel Dragster has arrived and is owned by Michael Gilbert from Powercruise Promotions and built by Darren Morgan Racing enabling the public to have the experience of a lifetime!!!

Built by Darren Morgan Racing in Melbourne, Australia, this amazing vehicle has been designed for the bravest of fans. The Top Fuel dragster has created huge interest and will be an experience that will truly be a once in a lifetime!

This is a rare opportunity to experience the awesome acceleration produced in drag racing with this particular dragster capable of completing the quarter mile drag strip in around 4.5 seconds at 320mph! Only a few people on the planet can say they have gone that fast.

You now have the opportunity to show your family and friends what you're made of or ensure someone you love knows just how special they are!

Powercruise Promotions is now accepting bookings for anyone over 18 years old, who is up for the challenge. You can feel the awesome power of the engine and experience up to 4 G’s as you take to the strip directly in front of the professional driver to accelerate with more power to weight than a Boeing 747!

We have two packages available for purchase:

The 2 Seat Top Fuel experience comes with:

  • A Passenger ride in the fastest 2 seat car in the Southern Hemisphere 
  • Tickets into the relevant race meet
  • Be part of the race team for the weekend and help with preparing the Top Fueller
  • Safety Briefing
  • Photos with the team and a 2 Seat Top Fuel experience T Shirt
  • Food and Beverages at the event
  • Racing Attire to use for the experience  

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