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About Powercruise

POWERCRUISE is Australia’s favourite “Cruising Car Show” that is proudly supported by Carline Mufflers and Supercheap Auto as well as many other local companies in each state that we go to. Some say it is Oz’s Wildest Cruisin Car Show and soon to be NZ's Wildest Cruisin Car Show....while others say

It's Addictive!!!

Held at motor racing circuits throughout states of Australia in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory as well as the Taupo Motorsports Park in Taupo, New Zealand, Powercruise offers its customers the opportunity to push their cars performance levels to the limits in a number of driving events that are conducted in a controlled and safe alcohol free environment. Spectators and entrants of Powercruise are also given the option to camp at some of these venues which no other form of motorsport offers promoting fun where families can play and stay for the whole weekend.

During Powercruise events, entrants can participate in a number of motoring activities including –

Cruising Sessions: Speed limited cruising sessions where entrants cruise real race tracks with their family and friends in their car with them.
Burnout Competition: For those who love to torture tyres and test the strength & durability of their engines.
Off-Street Racing Competition: No timers, No Warming up the tyres, No lights… Just a man with a flag to start you & the first one to the finish line wins.
Powerskid Competition: Big horsepower straight line burnouts using the grunt of your motor to go the longest distance while not using the brakes.
Drifting Competition: Described as Rally on bitumen, it’s all about sliding cars around the circuit without spinning out.
Half Hour of Power: The HP is the toughest cruising sessions ever held with the best of the best hand picked over the weekend to cruise with the toughest cars at Powercruise on the track all at once.

Powercruise events aren’t just about showing off how good you can drive or how much power you’ve got as there are lots of events to keep both spectators and entrants of all ages entertained including:

Show-n-Go Awards: A display of elite quality vehicles where the appearance is more important than performance.
Horsepower Dyno Shootout: A battle of mechanical titans where the most powerful cars go head to head on a Dynamometer.
Spectacular Entertainment: Jet Trucks, Stunt Bikes, Burnout Demonstrations, Fireworks and Motoring Celebrities to name just a few.   
Miss Powercruise Competition: Beauty vs Beauty served and delivered as a tasteful Babe Competition.
Trade Stands / Displays: The best deals and greatest savings on a gigantic range of products and services.
Fun for the Kids: Interactive competitions for the kids are held on the Powercruise Main Stage during the day.
Kids Rides: Free Kid’s Rides are provided to offer younger children fun in the sun.

Powercruise is the brainchild of Michael ‘Gup’ Gilbert from Brisbane, Australia and he created the Powercruise concept so car enthusiasts could drive their cars the way they were built to be driven without breaking the law. Together with a select team of staff, volunteers and officials, Powercruise entertains over a quarter of a million spectators annually and attracts over 3500 entrants which proved his theory that there was a necessity for an event of this calibre…

"An event where you can do all the things your not allowed to do anywhere else"

Thats Powercruise!!

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