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Need Tyres at Powercruise?….


At Most events we usually fine or someone finds us and wants to sell and change tyres for the dedicated tyre burners at Powercruise. If any company wishes to help out our entrants by supplying a tyre changer and or new or second hand tyres to sell for the burnout comp then we at Powercruise are more than interested in having you along for either for free at our smaller events or a small site fee at our larger events.

You’ll receive enough passes for the event for your staff to run the machine and shop. We’ll supply you with a space to do the job and you just need to supply some shade or cover as most Powercruise events don’t have much cover but if some is available at the event then for sure we will look at giving you that as well

Any company that chooses to offer this type of service will be advertised in this section with their details and a logo so all entrants can see who to contact before the event to perhaps order some tyres or arrange changing them at the event.

For more info please drop us a line at info@powercruise.com or give us a call on 0407172413….
Catch Ya Cruisin….Gup


Tassy Tyre Changer

Position Available - Please contact Powercruise on 0407 172 413 or info@powercruise.com


Sydney Tyre Changer


Located on the skid pan, near the marshalling area


Powerplay Sydney Tyre Changer