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Powercruise offers modified car enthusiasts a place to drive your tough street, race, drift or show car, in a safe and controlled environment while allowing you to do all the things you’re not allowed to do on the streets or anywhere else for that matter these days. This page is to answer any questions you have about being an entrant at Powercruise.  if we have missed anything, please drop us a line to info@powercruise.com

They say pictures speak a thousand words so check out a day at Powercruise in this short 10min clip. Powercruise 10 minute Promo Clip

We have also put together for entrants, a Driver Briefing Clip to show you what you can & can’t do on the track so everyone can have a wild & safe time at Powercruise. Powercruise Driver Briefing Clip  

Do you want to Cruise, Race, Drift, Skid at Powercruise?




You can complete the online entry form and pay via credit card then submit the form to us or you can download the pdf version, complete and post it along with your payment to us at Powercruise USA LLC. P.O Box 351 Brainerd MN. 56401

We now have a fully automatic online entry form where you can submit your entry and process your credit card transaction all on the one form online, to make entering Powercruise Faster & Easier for everyone!  When entering online, please DO NOT Refresh your page or press Back at any stage, and do not press submit more than once - or you may submit your entry and charge your credit card more than once.

Once you have submitted your online entry form you will recieve an automated purchase invoice on email, and then approx 2 weeks after that we will send you your official Powercruise Entrants Letter.  If you experience any issues entering or have any questions please email info@powercruise.com

The Entry Forms must be completed in full and One Entry Form per driver is required. If you want another driver to drive your car, they must then complete and pay for an additional Entry Form to be able to drive your car at Powercruise. 

All Powercruise Entrants must submit a picture of your car either along with your posted form and payment or simply e-mail it to info@powercruise.com but I’ll also ask you to copy and paste this info and complete it as well in your e-mail so I can match up the details.

When e-mailing car pictures please send this info as well.

Your full name


Car Rego Number

Cell Number

Attach 4 photos please. 1 front outside of car, 1 side outside of car, 1 interior, 1 engine bay

Pictures that are mailed to us will not be returned sorry.  Once you have e-mailed your pictures you will receive a reply letting you know if there may be some issues with your car or simply saying thank you for sending the pictures to us.  If there is a qustion about the car i will get back to you imediately.

All Unregistered cars must send pictures of your car to Powercruise before being allowed to attend the event.


We offer discounted Entry Fees with cut off dates to make it more affordable for everyone, however we do enforce Entry Fee Cut Off Dates.  When posting your entry form please make sure the post date on the envelope is no later than the dates listed above to receive the discounted pricing.  Mail dates after the dates will result in our office contacting you to let you know you have missed the discounted rate for that date.

If you wish to have multiple drivers for the one car each driver will need to submit an entry form and pay the entry fee.  Remember, once you are an entered driver you can drive any other entered car at Powercruise (with the owners permission of course). The same rule applies for 1 person wishing to enter 2 cars, please complete and entry form and pay the entry fee for each car. 

We do not take responsibility for the postal service, so don’t risk it, we recommend using Express Post or using the Powercruise Online Entry Form!

Powercruise is generally for registered cars simply because we would expect the cars to be at a road worthy standard however in the interest of all things tough.

We do accept unregistered cars depending on the situation. If your car is supercharged or has a roll cage or any other out of this world modifications that wouldn’t allow it to be run on the streets, then yes this qualifies. If you have an awesome looking street machine that can be registered but isn’t due to affordability or time constraints, then yes this also qualifies. If you have a drag car or circuit race car that has a minimum of 2 front seats with applicable seat belts and working brake lights and an exhaust that runs at least to the diff with some sort of mufflers, then yes this is what we often allow so long as the car is presentable and the crowd will like to see it.

If you have a backyard thrasher with a v8 in it with exhausts exiting through the bonnet or anything with pipes straight out of the headers and no interior, then this example does not qualify for unregistered entry into Powercruise.

So you can see we look at all situations on their own merit so if you think your car qualifies for unregistered entry into Powercruise, please e-mail us your details, the reasoning behind why the car is unregistered and make sure you send at least 4 pictures as show above in the entry section please. This will help in making the decision quicker and easier. The e-mail address to send the pictures of your unregistered car to is info@powercruise.com

Please ensure you send this info before you send your entry form. All enquiries will receive a response and if your application has been accepted, we will send you a confirmation email that you will need to attach to your entry form when you send it. If you’re not sure either way, you can of course call us here at the Powercruise Office on 1-800-701-3188 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Safety Inspection For ALL Entrant Vehicles

Cars entered into Powercruise must be in a good presentable standard, Powercruise is a car show after all, this means cars need to be complete inside and out (includes bonnets, front & rear bumper bars and presentable interior), and be fully painted (no undercoat).  Any cars that don't meet these standards may either be declined or declined from cruising and limited to the competitive events only. Acceptance is at the promoters discretion, if you are unsure if your car meets the standards please scroll down and submit your car images via the link after the Safety Inspection Information. 

All Entrant vehicles must go through a Safety Inspection before being given access to the racetrack. The Safety Inspection will take place in the lanes in front of the Accreditation Office.  Once the car has been passed, you will receive a GREEN SAFETY INSPECTION PASSED sticker which will be added to your official Entrant sticker. This means your car now has access to participate in the Powercruise track activities.
The safety inspectors will check the following on ALL Entrant vehicles.

    1. Registration sticker must match the vehicles number plates
    2. If YOU are not the owner of an entered vehicle, you MUST bring the rego certificate with you & the Entry Form must have the Owner as the Entrant & YOU as the Driver.
    3. Basic safety checks of the vehicle including: 
      Brake Lights 
      A legal amount of tread on the tyres.
      Battery Clamps.
      No Fuel or Oil Leaks.
      All Wheel Nuts Secured Firmly
    4. All vehicles must have at least 2 seats (Driver & passanger seat)
    5. Seatbelts must be fitted and in good working order. A seatbelt is compulsory for all drivers & passengers going out on to the track. NO EXCEPTIONS. If your car didn’t come with seat belts and you haven’t had any fitted, it won’t be allowed on track.
    6. Noise emission must not exceed 95dBa. (Exceptions do apply to some cars, please call for info)
    7. No holes in firewall
    8. No body damage or structural rust.
      All entrant vehicles must be registered unless approved by Powercruise Promotions.
      All Entrants/Drivers/Vehicles are accepted at the discretion of the promoter.
    1. Safety equipment for competition events – Neck to wrist to ankle non-flammable type clothing, an
    2. Approved helmet & enclosed footwear. (NO NYLON CLOTHING)
    3. Enclosed Footwear is required for Cruise Sessions and Driving Events
    4. No hub caps, wheel trims or wheel weights
    5. Tyres must be in good condition. No recapped tyres or retreads. (Re-grooved slicks are permitted) 
    6. There must be no loose objects in the vehicle or boot space.
    1. If your car has a roll cage and you wish to take 3 passengers in the back, all 3 back seat passengers must be fitted with a Lap Sash seatbelt - that is, a seatbelt that secures you across your waist and from across your shoulder.
    2. If your car has a roll cage and only the 2 seats on the side of the car are fitted with Lap Sash seatbelts, then you’re OK to cruise with passengers in those seats only .
    3. If your car has a roll cage and only the middle seat is fitted with Lap Sash seatbelts, then you’re OK to cruise with a passenger in that seat only.
    4. If your car has a roll cage and your seats in the rear have LAP Belts only, then no one is permitted in the rear of the car.
  2. Extra Safety Inspection For Competition Event Vehicles 
    The Safety Inspectors will also be checking the following on ALL Competition Event Vehicles

    The Off-Street Racing event requires that you have a tread pattern on your tyres.


    Roll Cage Rules
    NEW RULES relating to roll cages in cars for cruising at Powercruise. If your car does NOT have a roll cage, then this does not apply to your car. Any car fitted with a roll cage no matter if it’s CAMS, ANDRA or any other approved method must have roll cage padding on all metal surfaces that are above the dash line of the car; in other words, wherever a person’s head might impact in the event of an accident will require roll cage padding fitted. Soft padding MUST be used and must be about 10mm thick and secured to the metal bars. Drag racing approved SFI padding is NOT permitted as it is designed for a helmet to hit it. Please also take note of the drawing below. If your vehicle is fitted with a cage that extends through the rear passenger area (as shown by the red lines) you are not allowed any passengers in the rear of your vehicle whether they have the required seat belts or not. If your cage follows the roof line of your vehicle please see the rules regarding seat belt requirements below. NEW RULES on seatbelts in cars fitted with roll cages now apply.

    The main point here is if you have a cage, then you’re going to have a taxi bar and/or cross over the top bar fitted. We cannot have anyone in the back seat of a vehicle with a roll cage that does not comply with the above seat belt regulations as, in the event of an accident, the rear seat passenger might hit their head on the taxi bar if they only have a LAP BELT on, so anyone in the back of a car fitted with a roll cage must always have a full Lap Sash seat belt fitted or they will not be permitted to go out in the cruise session.

    Click image to zoom

    Roll Cage Rules

As it says on the entry form we require a photo of all cars entering into each Powercruise event, this applies to both Registered & Unregistered Cars. You can either print out your photos and mail them with your entry form, or you can fill out your details in the form below, upload your pictures and submit them to us. Using this online form is our preferred method of sending us your car pictures.

Submit your photos here

Once you have submitted your photos to us you will receive an auto reply email so you know we have got your pictures. We will contact you if there is a problem or if we need more info, so if you donít hear from us after the auto-reply email that is a good thing! That means your car is OK to enter Powercruise!

If you have problems submitting your pictures here and it doesnít work, you can email the pictures to us at info@powercruise.com, just make sure you have all of the info on your email that we request above. Please be mindful of the size of the images you send us.

Camping is available at all Powercruise Brainerd MN.  We supply hot showers that are cleaned as often as required which is pretty often considering the large numbers of campers at our events. There are also ample ladies and men’s toilets spread around the venue. This includes both demountable building type toilets as well as portable individual toilets for more urgent matters!!. Camping is available for both entrants and spectators and can be paid at the gate on your arrival in addition to your general spectator entry or prepaid on entry forms if required.

The Camping fees for entrants is additional to any advertised entrants fees. Spectators wishing to camp will need to purchase the 3 Day Season + Camping pass, this is the only pass that permits spectators to camp whether you are staying for only one night or three nights. You can purchase Season + Camping passes from our website or at the gate on the day. 

The Entrants Camping Fee is $10 per night.

Powercruise does not book camp sites, we don’t hold sites for anyone. Camping is a first in best dressed deal. Check the venue maps for the allocated camping areas please. Some areas may not be permitted to have cars in them and some are so please make sure you read the map at the bottom of this page for all the info.  No camping on Sunday night please as the event closed at 5pm we ask that everyone leaves the venue by 6pm.

Serviced RV sites are available at BIR, to book your site please book and pay BIR direct. The site fee you pay to BIR covers only your RV site & hook ups, your tickets are not included in that fee.

Powercruise offers Condo’s for rent at BIR during Powercruise. There are only 6 so they will go fast.Condo's sell first in first served.

Download the Condo Booking Form 

Complete the application and send it back to the Powercruise office by email to:  info@powercruise.com 

Powercruise Downloadable Venue Map HERE

Powercruise produces an Event Guide which is an entrants best friend.  It will answer all those questions about where to go and what to do and also has a lot more information in it than what can be found on the website so have a read and if you have any further questions please e-mail or call us anytime.


Download Event Guide HERE


The ViP Experience starts before you event get on the track, where our ViP Liaison plucks you from the scrutineering line up on your arrival and personally scrutineers your vehicle, providing a fast, efficient and very personal service. You'll then be directed to the exclusive ViP zone within the pits and allowed to unpack and unload at your own pace, in peace.

ViP Entry is for the discerning enthusiast who wants to make the most of their weekend with the Powercruise crew. No other entry ensures you as much track time as a ViP Entrant sticker, with a dedicated ViP entrance to the cruising sessions ahead of all other queues.

As well as coming and going as you please, you'll also get front-of-the-line access to all the competition events including the burnouts, off-street racing, powerskids and drifting.

The ViP Experience bundles all your expenses in to one easy to manage payment. It covers yours and your vehicle's entry costs, a buddy pass and two camping passes so that after a long day behind the wheel you can bunker down and enjoy the Powercruise night life.

With the rise in popularity of garages and carports the ViP Experience is your chance to still get maximum track time at Powercruise, but it's far better value than a mere second-best option.

ViP Packages for 2016 are available HERE

There is a huge range of trophies, prize money and prizes up for grab at every Powercruise event thanks to our valued sponsors.

 All prize money is paid by check. If you are not present at trophy presentation we will not give your trophy or prize money to a friend. We will post your Trophy and Prize money if applicable to you within 14 days after the event.

All unpresented prize money checks will be cancelled within 14 days of the event if they have not been presented. This is for the security of the entrant of course. Powercruise posts uncollected trophies and prize money checks at the entrants risk. If either is lost in the post or stolen while in the entrants hands, Powercruise will not be responsible and will not be reissuing a new trophy or prize check if applicable. We suggest you hang around for trophy presentations or ask a staff member if you have won a prize if you have to get on the long road home before the presentations start.

Download the Trophy & Prizemoney List here

Powercruise at Brainerd International Raceway does offer some Premium Garage spaces available for hire.  These spaces  are in 2 large open plan sheds inside the venue.  Each Premium Garage holds around 20 car spaces so that’s enough room for 40 spots all up.  Each car space is an additional fee on top of the Powercruise Entry Fee and these Premium Garage spaces can be booked either online with your Powercruise Online Entry Form or on the printed Powercruise Entry Form or separately before the official Entry Forms have been released.   

The great part of hiring a Premium garage Space is that you will receive what we call a Pit Lane Sticker (P Sticker).  This P Sticker then gives you instant access to the track during the cruising sessions at Powercruise meaning you don’t have to line up with the other 1000 cars at Powercruise in order to gain access to the track.  p Stickered cars are given their own special place to access the track.  More info is available on the Premium Garage Application form which can be downloaded below.

Premium Garage hire is now available anytime throughout the year. We intend on selling Premium Garages for all Powercruise events well before the event comes up and for years ahead. So with this in mind we have made a Premium Garage Application Form so that everyone has the same equal chance of grabbing a Premium Garage for their preferred event. In the near future we hope not to be adding the garage or carport hire to the entry forms however if all garages aren’t sold before the event we will have them for sale on the entry form.

Please email us info@powercruise.com to confirm availability of Premium Garage space before sending your form and payment to us as these are often sold out way ahead of time.

For the garages that have not been sold before the event, they will be available on the entry form on a first in first served basis so it’s important to be on the mailing list to receive entry forms as soon as they are released to have a chance to grab yourself a garage for the weekend.

A few rules about what you can and can’t do in the garages. You can camp in your garage if you wish however your space in the Premium Garage is limited to 20ft x 10ft. The lights will go out at 12 midnight each night so make sure you have a torch. There will be no locks on the garage.  The space is simply there for anyone who wants to hang in some shade with their group of friends or if they wish to leave the car unsecured overnight.  I say unsecured because it cant be locked up but there will be 20 other likeminded entrants in the same garage and I am sure no one wants their gear touched so I would expect that it would be reasonable safe however Powercruise accepts no responsibility for your gear or your car at any time while it’s on the property.

The entrant that hires the Premium Garage Space is liable for any damage done whether they know about it or not so keep your mates under control and all should be cool. Storing Fuel and operating a BBQ in the same area is not permitted so common sense needs to be used please.
Remember we are all here for a good time and any antisocial behaviour will result in removal from the venue.

Download the garage form HERE

There are no Premium Carports for hire at Powercruise Brainerd MN 

Cars break, parts don’t turn up and unforeseen circumstances do happen.  What options do you have:-

  • Change your car details to your daily driver or to a mate’s car so you can still get out  on the track for some awesome fun. You can change the entered vehicle but the entered driver must remain the same
  • Got no other car to drive, then transfer your entry to a spectator pass so you can still get in and watch.
  • Not able to come at all.  That is a real bummer. A refund of the entry fees less a $40 administration fee can be given.  We must receive the withdrawal in writing, either by email or post before the final Pre-Paid cut of date which is advertised on the entry form which is also about 2 weeks before the event. 

No refunds will be given for any reason from 2 weeks prior to the event.  There are NO refunds for garages for any reasons however they can be transferred or sold to another entrant if you wish. Entries are not transferable, so you cannot change the entered driver or transfer your entry to a mate or another event in another year.

Please read the Powercruise full Terms and Conditions which can be found at the bottom of this page and also on the Powercruise Entry Forms.

Powercruise event results are usually up within 5 days of the event or sooner if possible. If you have won a prize and didn’t collect it at the event, you may have read above that we will post your prizes out to you in the mail within 14 days. Usually its sooner but it depends on which state we are in at the time.



Off street Racing

Champion - #458 Alfredo Santiago 2011 Silver Nissan GTR Coupe 6 CYL Turbo

Runner Up - #445 Michael Janowsek 1988 Blue Mazda RX7 Convertible Rotary Turbo.



Champion - #207 Alec Robbins 1986 White, Black ,Red Nissan D21 Ute 8 CYL Natural

Runner UP- #461 Sam Henry 1990  Brown Nissan 2405X Hatch Back 8 CYL Turbo


Burnout Competition

First- #8 Ryan McCafferty 1980 Orange Chev 8 CYL NOS

Second- #15 Brad Loehrer 1975 Green Scamp Plymouth Coupe 8 CYL Natural

Third- #190 Matthew Muellner 1985 Black Chevy S10 Ute 8 CYL NOS


Show & Shine

Top Judged Overall - #505 Tony Netzel 1961 Green Plymouth Belvedere 2 Door 8 CYL Turbo

Top Judged Engineered - #113 John Kappus 1972 Blue/ White Datdun 510 Sedan 4 CYL Natural

Top Judged paint/Body - #113 John Kappus 1972 Blue/ White Datdun 510 Sedan 4 CYL Natural

Top Judged Interior - #505 Tony Netzel 1961 Green Plymouth Belvedere 2 Door 8 CYL Turbo


Powercruise USA LLC Terms & Conditions of Entry.  All drivers must be a minimum of 18 years of age and hold a current drivers licence. Learner’s permits are not permitted. Entered vehicles must be road registered, unregistered vehicles at promoter’s discretion by application.  Once an Entry Form and payment are submitted to Powercruise, your entry cannot be transferred to another Entrant/Driver, another event or to credit. Entrants are permitted to change the entered vehicle at accreditation, but once through accreditation and safety check, the car cannot be changed. Entrants are permitted to drive other entered vehicles. Your vehicle, current drivers licence & registration papers must be presented at the Accreditation Office. All vehicles will undergo a safety inspection. It is still the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle is adequately prepared for the event. This includes but is not limited to steering, brakes, “especially pads and fluid” and brake lights, battery clamps and all other safety equipment fitted including seat belts windows etc all shall be in excellent working order. The only acceptable blood alcohol reading for entrants at Powercruise is 0.00. Random breath testing will take place throughout the event. Entrants are required to wear enclosed shoes while driving on the track. For competition driving events including Off Street Racing, Drifting, Powerskids & Burnouts, all entrants are required to wear helmets, enclosed footwear and non-flammable clothing with full coverage from ankle to wrist to neck. All Entrants/Participants are required to follow all Powercruise Staff and/or Official’s directions promptly and to full compliance.  Due to the contract terms between Powercruise USA LLC and the venue, the venue will always be open and the Powercruise will always go ahead. Powercruise will never be cancelled or postponed due to rain or any other reason. The full entry fee into Powercruise is $160. Powercruise offers discounted rates with cut off dates so to make it more affordable for everyone. By pre entering you understand that you have paid a discounted fee and therefore understand the following conditions apply. A refund of entry fee less a $40 administration fee will be given if the entry is withdrawn in writing before COB July 24th 2016. Full price entries are accepted online and on the day at the entrant’s discretion and there will be no refunds due to inclement weather, broken down vehicles or for any other reason. Any pre entrants that do not attend the event for any reason understand that they have willingly forfeited their entry fee and there will be no refund and they are not transferable. The entry fee includes entry to the event for 1 driver and 1 vehicle for all events except the Dyno Comp & overnight camping. Camping and the Dyno comp incur an additional fee.  All Entrants/Drivers/Vehicles are accepted at the discretion of the promoter. The promoter has the right to terminate my participation in the event at any stage for whatever reason he and/or she sees fit. Entrants who have had all armbands removed due to their misbehaviour on or off the track must take responsibility for their actions and there will be no exchanges or refunds. Upon Entering Powercruise your email address will be added to our E-newsletter database, if you do not wish to receive E-newsletters from us please let us know.  By entering the event you agree that Powercruise may use photographs or video footage taken of yourself or your vehicle during the event for publicity purposes including DVD production, television commercials or future Powercruise events. Any damages caused (wilfully or unwilfully) to any property belonging to anyone including but not limited to race track walls, safety barriers, fences & signage in the event of an accident, must be paid for. The vehicle/vehicles in question, and/or any prizes/prize money will be retained as collateral until full payment is made. Entrants are responsible for their actions on and off the track. Powercruise Insurers cover personal Injury but not property. Police may be involved if required. Any antisocial or violent behaviour by anyone inside the venue will not be tolerated; this will result in you being evicted from the venue and reported to the police if necessary with no refunds. Any person caught driving/attempting to drive a vehicle on the track without the correct armbands or vehicles stickers will cause the entrant/vehicle owner to lose their driving privileges and all track access stickers will be removed from the vehicle. Entrants are responsible for their own, and their passengers actions/behaviour. Police may be involved if required. Important notice, anyone who performs a donut on track whether intentional or unintentionally at any time for any reason during cruising will NOT be driving on the track for the remainder of the whole event. You will be a spectator.


By submitting this entry form, you acknowledge and agree to Powercruise Terms and Conditions of Entry.

Disclaimer Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement 

                31 January 2016

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