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Powercruise Brainerd International Raceway July 11, 12, 13 2014

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Unregistered vehicles are accepted to enter Powercruise at the promoter's discretion only. All Unregistered vehicles must be pre-approved before your entry is processed. If you're unsure, then simply e-mail some pictures of your vehicle to the Powercruise Office at info@powercruise.com to make sure you're ok to enter your vehicle. You can continue with this Entry Form and payment and if you’re not accepted, we will let you know and issue a full refund. Either way you will hear back from the Powercruise Office very soon on whether your Entry Form has been accepted and approved.
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Entry Fees & Options

By completing the Powercruise Entry Form you will automatically be entered into all of the events that take place at Powercruise including Cruising the track with your mates in your car, Burnouts, Powerskids, Drifting, Off Street Racing and the Show & Shine. It is your choice whether you go into all of the events or just one or two of the event. Please Note the Dyno Competition (if applicable) does incur an additional fee of $30 for 3 runs. This can only be paid at the Dyno area on the day of the event. The Powercruise Entry Fee covers the entire event and there are no fees for individual events or single day entries. Please read the Event Guide for more info. Please tick the boxes below to indicate what you would like to purchase on this form.

Entry Fee Before 12pm February 28th 2014 $70 $
Entry Fee Before 5pm July 10th 2014 $100 $
The Entry Fee of $150 is available at the gate on the day of the event.
Camping Fee Entrants only per night $10 (Qty ) $
Crew No Camping Crew Weekend Pass (No Camp) $50 (Qty ) $
Crew Camping Crew/Spectator Pass
(Camping 1 night)
$60 (Qty ) $
Crew Camping Crew/Spectator Pass
(Camping 2 nights)
$70 (Qty ) $
Powercruise Event Souvenir T-Shirt @ $25 each
Size $

Powercruise Event Souvenir T-Shirts will be sold at $35 on the day. Prepay before the event to help us with numbers and save yourself some money to put towards your tires. Prepaid T-Shirts will be available at the Powercruise Trade Stand at the event on the day. Any uncollected shirts will be donated to charity so please drop in and collect your prepaid shirts


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Terms and Conditions
Please note: This form must be completed in full, Both the Entry Form and the Credit Card Payment Form must be received by Powercruise USA LLC before your order will be processed. Any incomplete or non legible forms will not be processed. Your payment may take a few days to be processed through our online system..



If you would prefer to make payment by check and post your entry form to us, please make a check payable to “Powercruise USA LLC” for $
We accept Personal, Business and Bank Checks.

Then just print out your entry form and post it to us along with your cheque to:

Powercruise USA LLC
P.O Box 351
Brainerd MN USA 56401

Please allow up to 7 working days for your check to clear and payment to be processed.

Once your payment and entry has been processed you will receive a confirmation text message from us just confirmed that we have received and accepted your payment and entry form.

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