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We would like to provide an update for our customers who have eagerly been awaiting Powerplay #36 scheduled for 4th July at Sydney Motorsport Park. We have been waiting to see how and when restrictions would be eased in NSW and it’s now clear that restrictions will not be eased enough in time for Powerplay #36 as scheduled. We thank everyone for being patient with us while we waited for restrictions updates to be released, we did not want to just call it off early on based on assumptions and speculation, however based upon the facts we have available to us now unfortunately the event simply cannot safely, nor legally run.

We are officially postponing the event to our second scheduled Powerplay date for the year being 24th October. So all bookings, Entrants, VIP, Garage & Carport bookings will all automatically be rolled over to 24th October. The standard terms and conditions of entry and refund policy apply.  If you have any questions about your Powerplay booking, please email our office, preferably by replying to your confirmation email.

As soon as we can provide further information we will, please be patient and remember that we are made aware of restriction changes when they hit the news just like everyone else, so we are all in this waiting game together. As for our other events scheduled in the next few months, we will continue to monitor the situation and again, solid decisions on things that may or may not change in the coming weeks or months cannot be made now and we will continue to cross each bridge as we come to it. Again we must stress we see all the same news reports as they are released to the public and work off all the same information. Again, we will not be addressing any ‘what if’ type questions and will continue to monitor any further developments issued by the Government, Health Authorities and Governing Bodies.

Gup & The Team