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Powercruise 1 Day Powerplay 

Brisbane's Queensland Raceway

Saturday 9th May 2015


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For anyone interested in entering on the day, please go to our accreditation office which will be located next to the main Gate of Queensland Raceway.

Queensland Raceway is located on Champions Way, Willowbank, off the Cunningham Highway. Approx 15mins from Ipswich.

Powercruise is an alcohol free event. 

Alcohol will not be for sale, and you cannot bring your own. 

And of course if you have any questions please call us on   0407 172 413 or email us at info@Powercruise.com

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Catch Ya Cruisin... Gup

Powercruise Powerplay QLD May 10 2014 wrap up

 When people talk about living life to the max, it could be said that they're talking about Powercruise Powerplay - a one day celebration of all the tyre-turning, high-revving action that Australia's favourite cruising car show has become known for. 

Running any kind of Powercruise event in Queensland always results in a fantastic turnout of both crowd and cars - it's almost as if the Powercruise bug forms a part of Queenslanders DNA, such is their support of the event.

Kicking off before the sun had even risen on Saturday 10th May, the line for scrutineering quickly queued out the door with car trailers sporting street machines of all shapes and sizes, all eager to exercise liberal use of the fun pedal through the twists and turns of Queensland Raceway.

If you've never been to a Powerplay event, we cram all the Motorsport events - drifting, off street racing, Powerskids and burnouts - in to one massive day, mixed with plenty of cruise sessions. We don't stop and we certainly don't slow down, it's literally a Powercruise party from sunrise to sunset!

 The winners list from the event was littered with Holden metal of just about every era. The Supercheap Auto Powerskids were won by Jonathon Wichgers from JW Racing in his insanely tough twin turbo LS-powered LH Torana, with the gassed up Torana of Joshua Pullen hot on his heels ringing in second place.

The lion brand continued to dominate in the Sidchrome Show'n'Shine with the long-awaited return of Jason Manley's TUFF HQ netting Jason Top Judged amongst the show cars. The coupe, a MotorEx and Summernats veteran and one-time Street Machine of the Year contender, has been off the road for years whilst Jason and his crew undertook a few changes. He assures us that Powerplay won't be the last Powercruise event he attends in the car.

The Just Car Insurance Off Street Racing is one of the most exciting events to watch and whereas at interstate events we see the turbo imports do well, Queensland Powerplay was home to raw horsepower with Mick Varney's nitrous Camaro pipping Gary Dare's V8-powered Datsun 1200 for honours.

A flurry of exploding fibreglass and burnt rubber, the drifters really shine on the QR Tarmac and, aside from Gup's new toy the Powercruise Taxi being thrown through the corners to the amusement of the crowd, the Castrol Edge Drifting comp' was dominated by Joshua Schultz in a particularly tough white R33 Skyline.

As the sun set we turned our attention to one of the biggest burnout pads in the Southern Hemisphere and once again, watched the holdens dominated with all of the Top Five burnouts and the Top Judged wearing a lion badge. The spoils went to Amanda Mitchell in her orange HK sedan.

After dark fun continued with the running of the newly-instated Powercruise Street Outlaws event, which pitches cars against one another in a full ‘run what you brung’ no rules format. You can read more about it HERE, but what you really need to know is that Powercruise Street Outlaws (PSO) at Powerplay came down to a photo finish!

Powercruise 1 Day Powerplay will see hundreds of Queensland's toughest street machines, hot rods and imports hit Queensland Raceway for 1 huge day of Cruising, Racing, Drifting and Skidding. Plus there's plenty of off-track entertainment - the show'n'shine, trade stalls and business displays, Miss Powercruise comp' and more


In what’s fast becoming the favourite event for all when we do it all in just 1 day. And what better place to rip up the straights than Queensland Raceway so make sure you got the old faithful cruiser ready to rock and roll because your gunna get 1 Day of pure madness . 

From old school V8 Muscle to Imports to Hot Rods and everything in between, they will all be out in force and with just over 400 entrants making their way through the gates last year, their sure to be eager to get onto the track for the first Powercruise session of the day which will kick of at 8am.

Then the Powerskid competition will light up the straight followed by Off Street drags, more cruising, the Hour of Power which funnily enough only goes for half an hour as the best of the best just can’t seem to cop a flogging for a good hour.   Then we got more cruising, followed by the burnout comp and if we got time, might just have to see what’s on the main stage from then on…

Powercruise accepts all cars, of any make, model and modification. However all cars need to be clean and tidy looking cars.  All entrants must have a current drivers licence, and be 18yrs or older. Learners Permits are not permitted.   We will not be limiting the amount of entrants into the Powercruise 1 Day Powerplay.  Powercruise operates on a first in first served policy therefore when you send an entry form to us with your car picture attached, we will send you a confirmation text message to let you know we have received your entry and payment and you will be in. It’s as easy as that.


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