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Brisbane Spectators


For those who know what Powercruise is all about, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you it’s just the wildest cruisin car show you’ve ever been to. For everyone else, I guess all I can say is get yourself out to the racetrack to check out what all the fuss is about.

Powercruise to the average punter is a car show but to the thousands who have participated over the last 10+ years that we have been bringing the fun to, will tell you its more than a car show. Powercruise is one of the reasons we build our street machine, hot rods, hi tech imports or what ever your preferred style of car is. This page is designed to answer any questions that you have in regards to being a spectator.














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Trackside Camping is available for Entrants and Spectators at Powercruise Weekend! How cool is that!

There are also ample ladies and mens toilets spread around the venue. This includes both demountable building type toilets as well as portable individual toilets for more urgent matters!!. Camping is available for both entrants and spectators and can be paid at the gate on your arrival or prepaid through Humanitix for spectators, and entry booking system for entrants.

Spectators wishing to camp will need to purchase the 4Day Season + Camping Pass, this pass is the only pass that permits you to camp whether you stay for one or all nights – all pass options are available on our website. Camping Fee’s are additional to any advertised entrant fee’s.

Powercruise does not book camp sites, we don’t hold sites for anyone. Camping is a first in best dressed deal. Check the venue maps for the allocated camping areas please. Some areas are not permitted to have cars in them and some are so please make sure you read the map at the bottom of this page for all the info. No Camping Sunday Night.


Powercruise events are family friendly and Kids 12 & Under are FREE with a paying adult!  Children 13 years & older, but younger than 18 years of age are able to be passengers in vehicles cruising the track. Passengers are permitted in the cruise sessions only. 

Please scroll down to the Passenger Cruising Section for Information and Requirements to be a passenger at Powercruise.

Viewing from Pit Wall – Children are permitted to view from Pit Wall, however due to safety requirements very young children must have ear/hearing protection (please bring this with you), and no prams on pit wall. Children cannot stand or be sat on Pit Wall at Anytime.


Queensland Raceway is located about 10 mins from Ipswich which has ample accommodation options, Or 20 minutes from Moogerah Lake Houses.

There are plenty of hotels and motels available in Brisbane as well just check out some of the websites like WotifCheck-in or Moogerah Lake Houses.


There will be a number of fast food outlets located at Queensland Raceway. Spectators are permitted to bring their own food however please note that glass and alcohol must not be brought into the venue. Car and bag checks will be conducted at the venue entry points.

Powercruise is an alcohol free event – you cannot purchase alcohol at Powercruise and you are not permitted to bring your own.


Free Parking will be available to all Powercruise ticket holders. Day Pass Holders Park in the general car park and walk in to Gate 2. Camping pass holders will be able to park their car in the venue within the dedicated camping areas surrounding the circuit. Please check the venue map to familiarise yourself with the venue layout. No parking inside the gates for day pass holders sorry.


Queensland Raceway will have all your needs covered from places to grab something to eat and drink to showers and toilets.

Medical Facilities are available for Entrants and Spectators all weekend – just in case! Check the venue map for exact location. Refer to the venue map for the location of your need.



All passengers who want to get on track in the cruising sessions MUST be at least 13 years of age, have a Powercruise admission ticket to the event and each passenger must have an official Powercruise passenger wristband. Official Powercruise passenger wristbands are available at the Powercruise merchandise stand at the event. All passengers must complete the Powercruise passenger waiver form and pay the $10* passenger fee, once this is done Powercruise staff will issue you a Powercruise passenger wristband.

Passenger sign on will also be available at the Powercruise Accreditation Office at the event for any parents that are attending just to sign their child up, the accreditation office is located outside the venue so this can be done without parents having to go into the event and pay admission – call Powercruise on 0407 172 413 for more information or if you can’t find the Accreditation Office.

If you have ANY questions about being a Passenger at Powercruise please call us on 0407 172 413 before the event and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.


Powercruise Passenger Rules & Requirements are not flexible or negotiable. Passenger Wristbands do not entitle that person to drive. Event Admission is additional to Passenger $10* Fee.
*Passengers are permitted during the cruising sessions, and at some events, 1 front passenger is permitted in the Burnout events/sessions, this can vary from event to event, please check each events program for more information.

Helmets and safety gear is not required to ride in a car during the cruise sessions, but passengers are required to wear a seatbelt at all times and Passengers must also wear Enclosed Footwear. Events where a passenger in the burnouts is permitted, this person is required to wear all the same safety gear as the driver; which is a helmet, enclosed shoes, and neck to wrist to ankle non flammable clothing. Powercruise strongly recommends anyone who is pregnant, not participate in any on track activities in any way, and to seek their own medical advice.   All passengers must be suitably restrained to the satisfaction of Powercruise Staff and Officials. All Passenger Wristbands are issued at the discretion of Powercruise Staff and Powercruise Staff reserve the right to decline or retract passenger wristbands or participation at their discretion at any time. Passenger wristbands must be kept on for the duration of your time at the Powercruise Event. Any cut or tampered wristbands are null and void and will be confiscated without discussion. Passenger Rules & Requirements are subject to change without notice.

Persons 13 years of age and over, but younger than 18 years of age

Persons 13 years of age and over, but younger than 18 years of age must have a valid Powercruise admission ticket to the event, provide Photo ID for themselves, and have a PARENT present to sign the indemnity form on their behalf. Powercruise staff need to sight both the parent’s ID and the child’s photo ID, both must also show the date of birth. Powercruise staff will also request to sight the Medicare Card listing both the Parents and Childs Names as proof of relationship. Powercruise reserve the right to request further identification or documentation if the requirements are not satisfied.
Powercruise staff will only accept the legal parent to sign on behalf of a minor to be a passenger – we cannot accept other family members, step parents, day carers/guardians, neighbours, family friends etc. Passenger wristbands can only be issued on the day at Powercruise. We do not accept notes, letters or permission via phone from parents if they cannot attend – Both the Parent and the Minor must be present at the event at the same time to complete the paperwork under the instruction of a Powercruise Staff Member. Once both the parent and the child have completed and signed the indemnity form and paid the $10* fee, a passenger wristband will be provided.

Persons 18yrs of age and older

Persons 18yrs of age and older must have a valid Powercruise admission ticket to the event, provide Photo ID and fill out and sign the indemnity form, pay the $10* Fee and a Passenger Wristband will be provided. No matter your age, No Photo ID = No passenger wristband.

Persons 12 years of age and younger

Persons 12 years of age and younger are unfortunately too young and cannot be a passenger in a vehicle at Powercruise. Admission is Free for Kids 12 & Under.