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Welcome to

 Powercruise USA #7

 Brainerd International Raceway MN

July 29th, 30th & 31st. 2016 (dates to be confirmed)

Gates open at 9am on Friday July 29th

8am on Saturday July 30th

8 am on Sunday July 31st


Online Entry Opens 1st December 2015

Entry is available on the day - Cash Only

Condo Application Form

2015 Event Program

Powercruise ViP Entrant Form

Powercruise BIR #6 Download Poster/Flyer

Powercruise BIR #6 Download & Print Entry Form




 All Tickets are cash sales at the gate on the day

Passenger Info & Requirements HERE

 Powercruise Venue Map HERE 

Terms & Conditions of Entry available HERE

Accreditation & Safety Inspection Hours are listed HERE

All Entrants should also Download Event Guide HERE

For anyone interested in entering on the day, please go to our accreditation office which will be located inside the first main building at Brainerd International Raceway.

Brainerd International Raceway is located at 5523 Birchdale Road
Brainerd, MN 56401

Powercruise is an alcohol free event untill track is finished usually around 6pm. 

 And of course if you have any questions please email us at info@Powercruise.com

You can also follow us on facebook HERE

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Powercruise USA #6 2015 Wrap Up 

Powercruise USA #6 2015 was basically a copy of the 2014 event with exactly the same amount of cars cruising racing drifting and skiddingtheir way around the BIR track.  We will of course be back in 2016 so get your early entries in which opens up 1st December.

We heard comments like “if there was a Powercruise event every weekend I would be broke because I would attend everyone” and “this is the best car event all year and we plan for it 12 months out” and my favourite was “I have never had so much fun in my car”. The word is defiantly spreading and the USA guys are really starting to understand how the event works.    

This year we had just short of 600 cars with 594 entrants. The track still has lots of room and we have our target set on cracking the 700 cars next year. This year we had more muscle cars than ever before but they were joined on the track by all types of cars and styles from Imports to Hot Rods to classic cars, Pickup trucks, drift cars, late model muscle and even some Aussie cars event though you guys call them Pontiac’s we still know they are Holden’s despite the different badges lol !!  

Some changes to the track and venue layout were well received and made accessing the track easy and also made picking up new passengers from the camp sites quick and simple to make sure the entrants got the most track time possible.

We have a long journey back to the land of OZ but will be back here in 12 months to do it all again. If you loved the event tell your mates what the missed out on and make sure they come along next time!!!!!

Details about Powercruise USA events in 2016 will be available shortly and I think we are just as excited to return next year and see how many more people can come and experience the best car event on the planet! – register for our eNewsletter to have them sent directly to you by clicking HERE:http://www.powercruise.com/mailreg.php

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  What is Powercruise?

In 2011, for the first time, Australia and New Zealand's favourite car show took it's patented style of high-RPM action and unique behind-the-wheel fun to the Americans. It was a brave move, but guess what, they loved it and Powercruise has been coming back ever since!




Powercruise became a worldwide phenomenon - we call ourselves the world's wildest cruising car show, and anyone that's been to a Powercruise event before knows that we're not fooling around.

Still not convinced? Check out this awesome video that sums up what we're all about:

pc video


So what can you do at Powercruise USA? What makes it so different from other car shows? For starters, we're not that interested in seeing cars sit in one spot all weekend being judged by old guys with clipboards; we want to see them out on the track, peeling off big burnouts for the crowd, doing what they were built to do!




Powercruise USA is an alll-encompassing motorsport spectacular. We offer the track for entrants to partake in drifting, off-street racing, burnouts, cruising sessions and the world famous Powercruise Powerskid.




Don't know what a Powerskid is? Here's a recipe for you - bring at least 500hp with you, skid your car on the spot all the way up to top gear, get off the brakes and hold on! It's the ultimate display of pure horsepower - a rolling burnout, and the longest one wins!


Check out the Powercruise boss and world record holder reeling off a 773m / 2500ft Powerskid below:






For more info drop us an email to  


Or go to the contact us section at the top of this page to find the right details for which ever country your enquiring about

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