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 Powercruise #54  

Sydney Motorsport Park

12th, 13th, 14th & 15th March 2015


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For anyone interested in entering on the day, please go to our accreditation office which will be located next to Gate A of Sydney Motorsport Park. 

Sydney Motorsport Park is located at Brabham Dr, Eastern Creek NSW 2766

Powercruise is an alcohol free event. 

Alcohol will not be for sale, and you cannot bring your own. 

And of course if you have any questions please call us on 0407 172 413 or email us at info@Powercruise.com

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2014 Wrap Up

When people look back on Sydney Powercruise in 2014 they'll look back fondly and remember the biggest Powercruise event that's Sydney Motorsport Park has ever seen run - a record-setting four days of tyre-frying action, non-stop cruising and limiter-bashing fun.


What made it so great? Well, aside from the sheer amount of cars it was the quality that shot Powercruise Sydney to dizzying new heights. We saw brand new cars, former show cars taking to the track for the first time and plenty of interstate talent mixed amongst the NSW field.


It was also the first time the Powercruise two seat top fueller made its way to Sydney Motorsport Park. The Darren Morgan team set it up right in the heart of the pits and, as well as a few start-ups to wow the crowds, we also gave away the ride of a lifetime to a young bloke by the name of josh, who we’re reliably informed still hasn't stopped shaking!


Nitro-sucking super cars weren't the only addition though, and our good friend and drifting tragic Andrew Hawkins ran the first ever '24 hours of drift' that let some of the country's wildest wheel men loose on the Figure 8 peanut track (formerly trailer parking) throughout the day and long into the night. No matter where you looked at Powercruise Sydney there was always something to see.


A convoy of Queensland's toughest cars travelled to the Sydney event to ruffle NSW feathers in many events, including the latest addition to Powercruise, the Powercruise Street Outlaws which was run under lights down the main straight of the track on Saturday night. The event is no holds barred, full outlaw action - no formal rules, just go fast. The Sydney event was taken out by Dave Murphy in his purple Capri. For more info on Powercruise Street Outlaws check it out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Powercruise-Street-Outlaws/660537750654980


Alongside the racing on Saturday night was the new three-pad burnout format. Due to the amount of entrants at the Sydney comp’ and the sheer size of the pad it made sense to triple the action for spectators and put on a mind-blowing smoke show for those that watched from the hill.


The burnout comp was won by Craig Baley in his blown HT ute, netting a cool $1,000 for putting on the show of the night. Other noticeable inclusions in the Top Ten were Rodney Waters, the bad lad from Western Sydney who once again tried in vain to set fire to his car, the pad, the surrounds and anything within a forty foot radius; and Nathan Magri whose sublime purple HG wagon scored Top 60 on debut at the Summernats and blessed the SMP pad with one of the car's first skids.


Sunday rolled around and we launched in to the finals of the motorsport events, kicking off with the Powerskids where we watched entrant push their cars and their driving skills to the limit as they endeavoured to keep the rear tyres alight well past the control tower. The Powerskids at Sydney with its super-long front straight remind us why Powercruise is the home of the Powerskid, with many entrants putting on a stellar show for the fully-packed grandstand.


Honours would go to Josh Calgaro who laid fat black tracks in his supercharged WK Statesman, before promptly buttoning off and wiping off enough speed to take turn 18 at great speed! Phil Kerjean in his blown VC Wagon took out the Crowd Favourite powerskid.


With no time to rest we launched straight in to the Off Street Racing and watched a field of hopeful whittled down to just two. The final race of the day saw Dennis Resi line up David Murphy, with Resi in his black Skyline edging out the win.


The list of winner continues, with Sydney stunner Steph Kula standing clear of the field in the Miss Powercruise contest. The drifting saw Cameron Mote emerge successful on the Figure 8 and Australian Drift Veteran Beau Yates claim the hotly-contested Extreme Entry gong, while over on the rollers the winner list looked like this:


Winner Rotary Blown Class - Sheree Bulmer, 1992 Mazda RX7 Series 6 Blue coupe Rotary Turbo

Winner 4 Cyl Blown Class - Scott Forrester, 1976 Holden Gemini Yellow Coupe 4cyl Turbo

Winner 6cyl Naturally Aspirated Class -   Stuart Edmonds, 2012 Holden Commodore Blue Sedan 6cyl

Winner 6cyl Blown Class - Michael Daniel, 2004 Ford Falcon Blue Sedan 6cyl Turbo

Winner 8cyl Small Block Naturally Aspirated Class - Paul Galvin, 1971 Ford Falcon GT Yellow Sedan 8cyl

Winner 8cyl Big Block Blown Class - Josh Calgaro, 2003 Grange WK Black Sedan 8cyl Supercharged


For those that didn't brave the track and preferred to keep their toys polished instead of punished, the show'n'shine was once again a vibrant display of vehicles from a wide variety of the car scene. Sydney's proud show car scene makes it hard to choose a winner, however after much deliberation our judges have selected the following cars as the best in their field:


Top Judged Show Class - Jason Simpson, Orange 2003 Ford Falcon sedan

Top Judged Street Class - James Read, Gold 1970 Ford Fairmont

Top Judged Competition Class - Tristan Ockers, Green 1971 Ford Capri


A full list of the show'n'shine results can be found HERE: http://www.powercruise.com/sydney/downloads/results.pdf


 As the tyre smoke cleared and the sun began to set over the biggest Powercruise NSW has ever seen, life at the pristine Sydney Motorsport Park returned to normal. We grabbed the last of the Powercruise signs and returned home exhausted, excited and eagerly awaiting how NSW plans to top this effort in years to come. 

And of course if you have any last minute questions please

call us on 0407 172 413 or email us at info@Powercruise.com

You can also follow us on facebook HERE

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