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Terms and Conditions

Please read all of the terms and conditions before entering into our events.

All drivers must be a minimum of 18 years of age and hold a drivers licence. Learner’s permits are not permitted.

Once an Entry Form and payment are submitted to Powercruise, your entry cannot be transferred to another Entrant/Driver, another event or to credit.  Entrants are permitted to change the entered vehicle at accreditation, but once through accreditation and safety check, the car cannot be changed. Entrants are permitted to drive other entered vehicles.   Your vehicle, current drivers licence must be presented at the Accreditation Office.  All vehicles will undergo a safety inspection. It is still the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle is adequately prepared for the event. This includes but is not limited to steering, brakes, “especially pads and fluid” and brake lights, battery clamps and all other safety equipment fitted including seat belts windows etc all shall be in excellent working order.     For unregistered vehicles entered or failure to obtain the extension for QLD Registered Vehicles will result in the driver being personally responsible for all costs associated with injuries sustained by their passengers in the event of an accident.

Powercruise is an alcohol free event.  The only acceptable blood alcohol reading for entrants at Powercruise is 0.00. Random breath testing will take place throughout the event.     Entrants are required to wear enclosed shoes while driving on the track.  For competition driving events including Off Street Racing, Drifting, Powerskids & Burnouts, all entrants are required to wear helmets, enclosed footwear and non-flammable clothing with full coverage from ankle to wrist to neck.  All Entrants/Participants are required to follow all Powercruise Staff and/or Official’s directions promptly and to full compliance.  Powercruise strongly recommends anyone who is pregnant, not participate in any on track activities in any way, and to seek their own medical advice.

Due to the contract terms between Powercruise Promotions and the venue, the venue will always be open and the Powercruise will always go ahead. The Event will never be cancelled or postponed due to rain or any other reason. Powercruise offers discounted rates with cut off dates so to make it more affordable for everyone. By pre entering you understand that you have paid a discounted fee and therefore understand the following conditions apply. A refund of entry fee less a $40 administration fee will be given if the entry is withdrawn in writing 14 Days prior to the commencement of the event. ViP Entry, special event, promotional, limited or partial entries are non – refundable.  Full price entries are accepted online and on the day at the entrant’s discretion and there will be no refunds due to inclement weather, broken down vehicles or for any other reason.  Any pre entrants that do not attend the event for any reason understand that they have willingly forfeited their entry fee and there will be no refund and they are not transferable.  All Purchases are to be paid in full upfront and all sales are final and not contingent on any other factors. The entry fee includes entry to the event for 1 driver and 1 vehicle for all events except the Dyno Comp & overnight camping. Camping and the Dyno comp may incur an additional fee.   For an entrant to be eligible to compete in competitions for prize money/prizes they must have a paid an entrant fee, any unpaid entrant fees will deducted from any prize monies won at the full on the day entrant fee.

All Entrants, Drivers and/or Vehicles are accepted at the discretion of the promoter.  The promoter has the right to terminate my participation in the event at any stage for whatever reason he and/or she sees fit.  Entrants who have had all armbands removed due to their misbehaviour on or off the track must take responsibility for their actions and there will be no exchanges or refunds.  Irrespective of the number of entries submitted or cars entered, each person will only receive a maximum of 2 driver briefing chances.  Upon Entering Powercruise your email address will be added to our E-newsletter database, if you do not wish to receive E-newsletters from us please let us know. By entering this event you agree that Powercruise may use photographs or video footage taken of yourself or your vehicle during the event for publicity purposes including DVD production, television commercials, merchandise or for future Powercruise events promotion with no eligibility for compensation.    If you are another event promoter copying our terms and conditions because you are too lazy to write your own, you are a loser.  Powercruise reserves the right to alter, extend, delete or change the event, event/venue layout, and/or event program which in some circumstances may reduce activities without notice for any reason, including inclement weather, including but not limited to ending scheduled cruise sessions early if there are not enough cars on track or misbehaviour.

Any damages caused (wilfully or unwilfully) to any property belonging to anyone including but not limited to, race track walls, track surface, safety barriers, fences & signage in the event of an accident, must be paid for. The vehicle/vehicles in question, and/or any prizes/prize money will be retained as collateral until full payment is made. Entrants are responsible for their actions on and off the track at all times.  Police may be involved if required.  Powercruise Insurers cover personal Injury but not property.     Any antisocial or violent behaviour by anyone inside the venue will not be tolerated; this will result in you being evicted from the venue and reported to the police if necessary with no refunds.  Fraud of any kind at Powercruise will not be tolerated, including any manner of false pretences, misleading, misrepresentation, fraudulent identification, event accreditation, stickers and/or wristbands. Any fraudulent behaviour will result in immediate termination of your participation, exclusion from future events and be reported to the police.  Any person caught driving/attempting to drive a vehicle on the track without the correct armbands or vehicles stickers will cause the entrant/vehicle owner to lose their driving privileges and all track access stickers will be removed from the vehicle. Entrants are responsible for their own, and their passengers actions/behaviour. Police may be involved if required.  Any & all purchases, transfers and/or changes must be made through the official Powercruise website or Powercruise office, it is the entrants responsibility to make purchases, transfers and/or changes through the correct channels.

If your car breaks down on track, or requires towing for any reason, Powercruise staff/volunteers will tow/recover your car in good faith and will take all care possible when towing or recovering your vehicle, however Powercruise Staff and Volunteers take no responsibility for any damage that may occur during this process, or at any time at Powercruise.  Powercruise Entrants should educate themselves in proper towing procedures.   Only approved Powercruise Staff/Volunteers will conduct vehicle tows/recoveries from track, by entering Powercruise you accept the risks involved with towing or recovering your car. Entrants are not permitted to arrange their own tows/recoveries from the circuit enclose. Refusal to be recovered, or continued/excessive recoveries of the same car is considered intentionally wasting track time and resources, and may incur a fee or termination of your participation.

Anyone who performs a donut on track and/or pops a tyre on track whether intentional or unintentional at any time for any reason during cruising must be aware that this is considered dangerous no matter the circumstances and may result in all driving privileges being instantly revoked without warning for the remainder of the event and a temporary or permanent ban.

By submitting an entry form and/or participating in anyway, you acknowledge and agree to all Powercruise Terms and Conditions of Entry outlined on this entry form and the Powercruise Website, the Waiver, and the Powercruise Event Guide. By signing this entry form you agree to adhere to all rules outlined on this entry form, the Powercruise Website, the event guide and the drivers briefing video and agree that failure to abide by rules may result in driving privileges being revoked without warning as well as temporary or permanent ban.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: When you enter you are making a commitment to attend an event a ticketed event that may have a capacity limit in covid times, entrants need make their own informed decisions on restrictions and what is suitable to their personal situation, noting that restrictions changes are always unexpected and you enter understanding that this is the world we live in now.  We recommend that if you are from another state, please consider entering closer to the event when you are sure you can actually attend – this is a decision entrants must make themselves based on the information at hand. With restrictions come capacity limits at venues, you are securing a spot which in turns means other people may be turned away so only enter or purchase tickets if you are committed to attending, regardless of if, for example, capacity limit changes, if your friends miss out on tickets, or there are changes to camping permissions – all of which are out of our control but will not entitle you to a refund.

Powercruise Fraud Policy – Fraud of any kind at Powercruise events will not be tolerated, including any manner of false pretences, misleading, misrepresentation, fraudulent identification, event accreditation, stickers or wristbands. Any behaviour, activity, documentation, ticketing found to be fraudulent will result in all ticketed becoming null and void, expulsion from the venue immediately, details will be documented to be declined from future events or activities at Powercruise and/or the venue, and of course where appropriate information passed onto police.

Fake, duplicated or fraudulent wristbands and stickers is theft, and will be treated accordingly.

Powercruise ticketing can only be purchased from or at the event. Each individual has their own responsibility to not mislead, purchase legitimate ticketing, or make the necessary enquiries to verify a purchase.  All transfers or changes must be made through the Powercruise office, and it is the customer’s responsibility to co-ordinate with the Powercruise office regarding any changes or transfers.

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