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Hundreds of the toughest street cars cruising Sydneys Motorsport Park V8 Supercar Racetrack. With nearly 20 hours of cruising time will be available on the track from Friday morning through to Sunday afternoon.

There will be plenty of time to go out and toast your mate and every other 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, rotary, V8, supercharged, big blocked, gassed up, turbo charged street car that anyone comes along with.

No Stopping, No Burnouts, No Donuts, No Drifting and No Cutting In or Out of Traffic, remember this is not a race. If your car starts to over heat or fail pull to the side of the track, but DO NOT get out of your vehicle. A recovery vehicle will be around to assist you. The cruise session is to be enjoyed by all the participants.

So cruise your car with your mates alongside the toughest streetcars, just like the good old days. Do short Powerskids, about 30 meters or so. But remember the person behind you won’t be able to see if you leave too much smoke behind you. Drag race anyone you like for as long as you safely can between the chicanes.


The Powerskid comp is all about showing off your vehicles horsepower and your ability to use the power to toast the bags off the car for the longest distance while only using the brake pedal to keep the car under some sort of control. The judges will choose the most awesome display of raw horsepower, driver talent, engine revs, quantity and length of smoke as the Powerskid winner.


The Off-Street Racing competition is a run what ya brung, no rules, (well not many anyway) heads up race over approximately 200 metres. No timers, No lights, No warming your tyres. Just a man with a flag to start you. When the flag drops, you’ll need to get the loud pedal to the floor as quickly as possible, and from there it is simple, the first guy over the finish line, wins!!

You will race against whoever comes up next to you randomly. No queue jumping. Your tyres must have a tread pattern on them. You can use slicks and cut a tread pattern into them. There must be a minimum of 10 marks on the tyres wether around the circumference or across the tyre. At the start of each run your tyres must have the tread pattern. Tyres cannot be changed during the racing.

In the case of a rolling start, you will be lined up on a line. You will be motioned to start rolling towards the start line. The flag drops when the front car hits the line. If any car goes before the flag is dropped, they will be disqualified immediately. After the race, the winner will receive a winner’s card & must proceed immediately without diversion back to the line up area.

Cars are not permitted to be refuelled and cannot carry fuel in the car in a container. Only one person is allowed to work on the car and that is the driver. No pit crew are allowed to touch the car. They can however bring you things like drinks and moral support. The car must go all rounds under its own power and ability through to the final.


The burnout competition is definitely a highlight on the agenda and is the place to see all the highest horsepower cars putting on the biggest smoke show for the die hard burnout crowd. There is no qualifying, just all in when Saturday night rolls around. Entrants are not to do any static burnouts. You have as much time you need to fry those tyres, as long as your car can handle the torture. Your car is NEVER to be driven around the venue or on the track surface on rims. If you do this, you will be liable for any damage caused to the surface and will be required to pay for all damage.


The Show and Shine is always an integral part of Powercruise and so we have now added another category for Competition Cars. Seeing how Powercruise is more of a driver’s event and therefore attracting more Pro Street style of cars out of their garages it was only fitting to throw a few trophies their way and by adding this category to the Show Class and Street Car Class there will now be something for everyone’s tastes.

To participate in the Show and Shine, you must be an entrant in Powercruise and have completed the normal entry requirements. We don’t have a single show and shine entry fee. You pay one fee to enter Powercruise which allows you to go in all of the events we offer. It’s up to you if you go in all of the events or just one of them like the show and shine. To be judged in the Show & Shine, simply display your car with or without your setup in the dedicated Show and Shine area. Our resident Judges will do the rounds and make sure your car gets judged. The show judge also decides what class your car fits into best and will judge it accordingly. Once judging is complete, your entrant sticker will be signed, indicating that your vehicle has been judged. Then you are free to do what you like with your car but we would prefer you leave it in the show area for all to see.



The hour of power is like no other. The toughest hand picked big hitters from the event cruise for a solid half hour. Yes the Hour of Power is only 30 minutes long, did you really think these guys could cruise for a whole hour? The best of the best will find a HP sticker on their windscreen if they have been selected, so keep an eye out for that.