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The world’s second best job position is open and we are looking for someone exciting to fill it.  Of course we think Gup has the world’s best job so we are looking for someone to take on the world’s second best job, The Powercruise Dream Job, by basically making fun times happen, getting involved in the fun times, video the fun times, get some more fun people involved, post that shit all over the world with the aim of getting more people to experience just how cool it is to come to the world’s biggest cruising car show…Powercruise.  We weren’t joking when we said Dream Job!

We have a huge year of epic events and projects on the cards and need more epic people to make epic sh1t happen.

  • Obviously you must want to and be available to travel around to Powercruise events outside of your state.
  • Our office is based on the GC and you will need to come here and work with our team.
  • You must be a motivated person, can work on your own and as part of a team. Results Driven. Can move fast to suit a fast paced industry. Must be creative and always looking for new fresh ideas and skills.
  • Be ok with being covered in burnout rubber and face full of methanol fumes from time to time
  • You gotta be funny and fun to be around. Work hard play hard mentality and not afraid to get your hands dirty.
  • Be a team player and be able fit in and hang out with our team of 50+ staff who are some of the best people you’ll meet
  • You need to have a love of cars, all cars, love talking to car people, having a laugh, getting involved in the action, long days, fun nights.
  • Must have photography, filming & editing experience/skills, and be equipped with the right gear to get started. If you’re the right person for the job we can provide the best gear for the job.
  • Must have a good understanding and proven experience with social media, youtube, websites etc
  • Of course you need to be able to talk sh!t with the boys in the sheds but clean up and be presentable when required too.
  • Must have some general media skills, write adds, FB updates, blog updates when required. You need to be able to spell, and understand the value of a comma in a sentence.
  • Actual relevant recent experience required, you need to have your own gear you bring to the table, experience using it. We aren’t here to train you on the job – we need you to hit the ground running.
  • You have to be committed to the role, this is not a one event one hit wonder job, this is not a ‘weekend or on the side gig’. You need to have passion, the drive and skills and time to back it up and that has to show in your work.

Applications forwarded in writing to or apply through Seek

Do not apply through facebook. Do not text message us and ask what the email address is again. Please take the time to read the add and its requirements before you apply. Don’t ask if we provide training on the job. If you don’t know and love modified cars, this role is not for you.  You MUST provide a cover letter with your resume, we not only want to know your skills and experience, but we want to know about YOU and who you are too. Be sure to provide references with contact details.

Dream Job opportunities like this do not come up very often.  If you are just looking for a day job to pay the bills so you can go home at 5.01pm, you need not apply please.  Powercruise is not a job, it’s a lifestyle.