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So we all know how much not only the fans, but the drivers loved the opportunity to cut loose and put on a show for the fans as part of the Powercruise Dream Team! 

To keep raising the bar, we are inviting our current Dream Team members (being the guys that actually made it out in the Demo sessions at PC71) to nominate a new member! Each current member can nominate 1 person each, and then out of those we will select just one who will become the new Member into the Team.  So guys – start thinking about who you want to join the crew & cut lose on track with at the next Powercruise as part of the Team. They’ll need a tough car and be able to steer like a pro too.  Or alternatively, if you think you’ve got what it takes, have a tough car, can steer at least as good as these guys and want to get on the dream team, drop Gup an email to

So far the Dream Team has opened up the door for some more freedom in the demonstration sessions as well as travel opportunities for some members, bring part of the Dream Team is not just being at Entrant at Powercruise, you are representing Powercruise.

The Powercruise Dream Team made their first appearance at Powercruise #71 in Sydney February 2018. Then fast become a crowd favourite for the weekend. The fans LOVED it!!  Were you at Powercruise #71 – share your photos and hashtag #powercruisedreamteam

It’s a pretty tight schedule at Powerplay to get the entrants maximum track time, but for the fans we’ve squeezed in a couple demo sessions for our Dream Team members who are coming out. Be sure to get trackside and see it for

Next Event – Powerplay #29, Sydney Motorsport Park 2nd June. Info Here

See them in action at Powercruise #71 Here

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